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The 2019 /r/baseball Offseason Simulation is over. Here are the Rays' Results!

Dear Flappybois, Flappygirles, and Non-Binary Flappypals,

In my third year of participating in the /baseball Offseason Simulation, a game where 30+ users pretend to either run a team to make trades and signings, act as an agent for Free Agent players, or act in an administrative role as moderators over the course of a few months, I took the helm of the Tampa Bay Rays organization.

The Rays were my first choice team for the Sim this year, as I relished the challenge of trying to compete in the AL East with a strong core and very little budget space to work with. (As an aside, I’m an A’s fan in real life, so I have a soft spot for small-market teams with small payrolls, good player development, and bad stadium situations).

The Sim officially wrapped up yesterday, so I thought I’d share my results here. The moderators of the sim will be putting everyone’s rosters into an OOTP simulation, and seeing who wins the Sim-World Series!

For a complete look at my roster, payroll, transactions, lineups, and more, check out the Rays’ Spreadsheet. I would love to hear feedback, questions, and opinions from this community! I just ask that you keep it civil and constructive, since this is all in good fun.

First, my goals for the offseason:

As you will see, I managed to accomplish almost all of them! Division Title TBD.


Dallas Keuchel, 3 years, $64 MM
  • $18 MM in 2019, $24 MM in 2020, $22 MM in 2021. Mutual Option for 2022 worth $22 MM, with a $2.5 MM buyout.
There were big sweepstakes for the large ticket FA’s in the sim this year (Machado, Harper, Corbin), and people seemed to forget that Dallas Keuchel existed. Despite my minuscule budget ($62.5 Million), my team was very cheap, and I ended up near the end of the Sim with about $20 million of space left. Given my available space, the fact that most of my team my was Pre-Arb, and the fact that Keuchel’s agent was willing to do three guaranteed years, I pulled the trigger and got a very solid mid-rotation pitcher, with good control, lots of groundballs, and one who can pitch lots of innings.

Tony Sipp, 2/$7 MM
  • $3.5 MM in 2019 and 2020. Vesting Option for 2021 worth $6 MM if he pitches 45+ innings each in 2019 and 2020.
Sipp's 16 and 17 seasons were marred by unsustainably-high HFB rates, while the rest of his peripherals remained more or less constant.
He clearly learned something about pitching in Houston, and was cheap enough that taking a chance that he re-creates his 14/15/18 seasons was an easy decision.

Jesse Chavez, 1/$4 MM
  • $4 MM in 2019. Team Option for 2020 worth $4 MM.
Jesse Chavez is a prime Opener candidate, if you ask me: Effective as a one-inning reliever, good pitch mix, and has had experience starting, meaning he could open for 1+ innings if the need arose. Getting him on a cheap one-year deal is nice, and if he’s good, we can pick him up for the second year. If not, there’s no buyout for his option!

Minor League Contracts for the following players:
  • SP Brett Anderson, C Nick Hundley, OF Jon Jay, RP Sergio Romo (#BringHimHome), 1B Mark Reynolds.
These are all (in my humble opinion) really solid depth signings. A few of these players were legitimately valuable in 2018 (Mark Reynolds, Nick Hundley), and can help out a team midseason in the dog days, filling in for injured players.


  • Rays receive: SS Ronny Brito
  • Dodgers receive: OF David Olmedo-Barrera
Currently viewed as a fringe guy in the Dodgers’ strong system, Brito is an intriguing young player. His defensive profile definitely says he can stick at SS long-term, so if his bat continues where it left off at the end of 2018, he could be valuable soon.

  • Royals receive: 1B Jake Bauers, RHP Chaz Roe
  • Rays receive: RHP Brad Keller, OF Blake Perkins
Bauers is cool and all, but I have like 4 other dudes in the high minors with his profile (OBP, contact) plus they have more power. KC’s GM really liked Bauers and Roe (the latter of which was on my Trade Block), so it made sense for me to trade him. As far as the return, I think Keller’s mix of high ground ball numbers and low home runs will lend themselves quite well to pitching in the AL East. Perkins is a speedy outfielder who at worst is Billy Hamilton with much better on-base skills.

  • Dodgers receive: 2B/OF Brandon Lowe, 2B Vidal Brujan
  • Rays receive: RHP Ross Stripling, RHP Josh Sborz
Along with Bauers, this move was probably the one I had to ponder the most before finalizing. Brandon Lowe looks to be ready to contribute immediately, and Brujan has a pretty high ceiling, though it looks like he will be a 2B in the future. However, I feel that Ross Stripling is a very underrated player. Because of the Dodgers’ ridiculous depth, he’s never gotten a chance to stick in the rotation, but has done very well with the opportunities he’s been presented with. He slots into my roster as a solid mid-rotation pitcher, who can be used as an excellent reliever if need be. Sborz is a high-minors RP with two above-average pitches and good command. He strikes out a lot of guys and doesn’t give up home runs.

  • Yankees receive: LHP Vidal Nuno
  • Rays receive: LHP Reiver Sanmartin
Nuno was also on my Trade Block, because he is not good. Sanmartin is a very intriguing lefty who has ridiculously-low walk numbers and decent K numbers.

  • Red Sox receive: 2B Miles Mastrobuoni
  • A's receive: 2B Ivan Houellemont
  • Rays receive: 2B JP Sportman
After an underwhelming 2016 season with Double-A Midland, Sportman quietly put together a solid 2017 campaign with the RockHounds. Playing a career-high 130 games, Sportman hit .275/.327/.417 with 12 home runs and 14 stolen bases. He also showcased his versatility, splitting his playing time between all three outfield positions and centerfield.
Sportman has the tools to be a bench player in the big leagues. He can play multiple positions, he has a compact, line-drive swing that produces power to the gaps, and he has above-average speed. Sportman may have to begin the 2018 season back in Midland, but once the A’s have some movement either in the outfield or second base in Triple-A, he should receive a chance in Triple-A.
The above text is a scouting report written by the wonderful Melissa Lockard for Oakland Clubhouse. I’m not gonna lie, this was a meme trade between three GM's who wanted to swap players with interesting names. I clearly won because the guy I got was an athlete named JP Sportman.

  • Brewers receive: RHP Wilmer Font
  • Rays receive: RHP Aaron Wilkerson
Yet another guy on my Trade Block that I was able to move. Font showed promise as a starter for the Dodgers’ AAA club a few years back, but has been absolutely atrocious in his MLB time. In exchange for him, I got a solid, if unremarkable, rotation depth piece in Aaron Wilkerson.

  • Rays receive: C Robinson Chirinos and $2.875 MM
  • Rangers receive: OF Josh Lowe
I promise I didn’t go into the offseason with the intention of depleting our farms’ Lowe supply, it just kinda turned out that way. I like Josh Lowe, but OF is a place of strength in the organization, whereas Catcher is not. Robinson Chirinos has cemented himself as a durable catcher with a roughly league-average (or better) bat and solid defense. I think that’s easily worth the price tag.

  • Rays receive: SP Jesus Gonzalez
  • Padres receive: SS Jesus Valdez
  • Dodgers receive: RP Jesus Ortiz
This trade was submitted on December 25th, Merry Christmas (but also, Jesus Gonalzez is a 17-year old lefty starter who put up a 2.48 FIP across 49 innings in Rookie Ball this year).


  • DFA C Adam Moore (was out of options)
  • Release C Jesus Sucre (is bad)
  • DFA RHP Andrew Kittredge (would rather have Poche on the roster than Kittredge)
  • Add LHP Colin Poche to the 40-man Roster (is good)
  • Established the Luis Valbuena Memorial Fund


Position Players

  • C: Robinson Chirinos
  • C: Michael Perez
  • DH: Ji-Man Choi
  • 1B: C.J. Cron
  • 2B: Joey Wendle
  • 3B: Matt Duffy
  • SS: Willy Adames
  • IF: Daniel Robertson
  • LF: Tommy Pham
  • CF: Kevin Kiermaier
  • RF: Mallex Smith
  • OF: Austin Meadows


  • #1 Starter: LHP Blake Snell
  • #2 Starter: RHP Ross Stripling
  • #3 Starter: LHP Dallas Keuchel
  • #4 Starter: RHP Tyler Glasnow
  • #5 Starter: RHP Brad Keller


  • CL: LHP Jose Alvarado
  • SU/Op.: RHP Diego Castillo
  • SU/Op.: RHP Ryne Stanek
  • Opener: RHP Jesse Chavez
  • LOOGY: LHP Adam Kolarek
  • MR: LHP Colin Poche
  • MR: LHP Tony Sipp
  • MR: RHP Austin Pruitt

You can see a more in-depth breakdown of lineups and roster construction on my spreadsheet linked at the top, but there’s the general idea! Again, please feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments! I loved doing this, and would love to talk about it with all of you!
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